Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


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Presented at 2011 Bird Strike North America Conference, September 12-15, 2011, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Copyright 2011 Nicholas Carter


A Decade of Changes

Active Management Program

Elimination of Agriculture

Removal of Debris

Airfield Vegetation Management

Removal of Trees

Elimination of Standing Water

Ditch Maintenance

“Harassment” Trapping Program

Clearance of Shoulders

Unique Issues

Off-Base Management

On-Base Education

Public Education

Comprehensive Strike Database

End Results

  • Prior to Initiation of Program = $10.2 million / year
  • Since: $109,000* in Damages over 11 years (~$9,100 / year)
  • $50,000 during 2-month contract break
  • 94% Reduction in Birdstrikes
  • 15.84 / month / airbase (Year One)
  • .92 / month / airbase (Year Ten)
  • 90% Reduction in Overall Bird Populations on Airbase
  • 98% Reduction in Large Birds (>1 kg) Within 5 Miles of Each Airbase
  • In 2006, during 6-week “war” with Lebanon, IAF flew equivalent to 1-year of flight operations with zero strikes

Take Home Message:
It can be done...and it's never too late to start.