Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR)


Date of this Version

Spring 2010


Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (NASIS) 2010 Methodology Report, Prepared Spring 2011, Bureau of Sociological Research, Department of Sociology, University of Nebraska


Copyright © 2011 University of Nebraska



Introduction 1

Mode Selection 1

Design & Item Selection 1

Sampling Design 1

Experimental Design Treatment 2

Data Collection Process 2

Response Rate 3

Data-Entry Training, Supervision, and Quality Control 3

Processing of Completed Surveys 3

Data Cleaning 4

Representativeness of the Survey 4

NASIS Sample Weights 5

Questions 5

Appendix A: Cover Letter 9

Appendix B: Formatted Mail Survey 11

Appendix C: Future Research Interest Card 20

Appendix D: Reminder Postcard 21

Appendix E: City and County FIPS Codes 22

Appendix F: Variables and Descriptions 27