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NASIS Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey, Previous Core Items (2018), Bureau of Sociological Research, Department of Sociology, University of Nebraska


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The NASIS survey varies from year to year depending on client needs, but every year a core group of items consisting of common demographics and quality of life measures are included. These include, for example, age, sex, education, community satisfaction, etc (for complete list, see below). These items are asked each year to provide key demographic information to all users of NASIS as well as comparability to other social indicator information.

The core items were reduced in 2018 in an effort to keep NASIS costs as low as possible and reduce respondent burden. You can find the current core items and previously asked core items below. Researchers are able to add previous core items back into the NASIS as part of their purchased space.

8 questions; 2 pages

1.How many children ages:

2.Please indicate the category that describes yourtotal family income in the last 12 months.

3.Think again over the past 12 months. Generally, at the end of each month did you end up with:

4.What about your financial prospects? Do you feel that you are better off this year than you were two years ago at this time, about the same, or worse off?

5.Does your spouse or partner typically work full-time,part-time, go to school, keep house, or something else?

6.Within the Protestant faith, do you consider yourself to be:

7.Would you describe yourself as a born-again Christian?

8.The following statements concern your family’s financial situation. For each statement, please indicate how much you agree or disagree.