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Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey, 2019 Winter NASIS Methodology Report, Bureau of Sociological Research, Department of Sociology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Bureau of Sociological Research

2019 Winter NASIS Methodology Report


Introduction 3

Mode Selection 3

Design and Item Selection 3

Sampling Design 4

Data Collection Process 4

Response Rate 5

Data-Entry Training, Supervision, and Quality Control 5

Processing of Completed Surveys 5

Data Cleaning 5

NASIS Sample Weights 6

Design Effects 6

Questions 6

Estimate of Sampling Error 9

Appendices 10

Appendix A: Cover Letters and 2019 Winter NASIS FAQ 10

First Mailing – Cover Letter 10

First Mailing – FAQ 11

Last Mailing – Cover Letter 12

Appendix B: Survey Instrument (Printed in black & white only) 14

Appendix C: NebrASKa Voices Enrollment Card 26

Appendix D: NebrASKa Voices FAQ 27

Appendix E: Reminder Postcard 29

Appendix F: County Codes (All begin with “31”) 30

Appendix G: 2019 Winter NASIS Variables and Descriptions 31

Appendix H: AAPOR Transparency Initiative Immediate Disclosure Items 47