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Bureau of Sociological Research, Why SHARP (Summary Sheet for Schools), 2020. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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The Value of SHARP

The Power of Data: Your school can receive school and local level results from the NRPFSS, along with state wide results from the YRBS and YTS. The comparison of local and state data is what makes the SHARP surveys so significant. The results of these surveys will not only affect your school and your students, but your community as a whole. The data collected are used by community, regional, and state level groups, including the NDE and NDHHS, to identify areas needing improvement and to track the effectiveness of their efforts. This information also helps schools and communities design and/or select effective and locally-appropriate prevention strategies that can reduce substance abuse, delinquency, and other problems while supporting improvements in health and learning. As a result, Nebraska has seen significant improvements in a variety of areas.

Why schools In Your Area Should Participate: To collect usable data from these surveys, a state-wide effort is required. By participating in every survey that they are eligible for, schools are: Strengthening school, community, and state grant applications Aiding in important decision-making across the state Helping to fulfill state and federal reporting requirements To date, the surveys under SHARP have helped bring millions of dollars to Nebraska communities.