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The Centralized Renewable Energy System (CRES) at Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) is a heat-exchanger system that utilizes reclaimed, non-drinkable water from the nearby water treatment plant to heat and cool a projected 1.675 million square feet of office and lab space. A greenhouse gas emissions inventory was estimated for the CRES operating at full build-out of the campus in 2035, compared to conventional office space, being a control system with standard chiller and boiler configuration. The control system is estimated to emit 30,787 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent per year (Mg CO2e yr-1), whereas heating and cooling Nebraska Innovation Campus supplemented by CRES is estimated to emit only 15,637 Mg CO2e yr-1 from electricity use for chillers and pumps, roughly 49% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the control system, at a savings of roughly 9 kilograms of CO2e per year per square foot.