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Elevating the Early Childhood Workforce: Report and Recommendations of the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission, One-Year Update.


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On Jan. 30, 2020, the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission released its report and recommendations, Elevating Nebraska’s Early Childhood Workforce. With a strong commitment to collaborative action, commission members vowed that the report would not just sit on the shelf—and they have been true to their word. Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not prevent commission members and the organizations they represent from engaging with partners in diverse communities across the state to pursue the report’s vision, goals, and recommendations.

In fact, the pandemic’s dramatic impact on the early childhood workforce and the children and families they serve has only served to intensify and accelerate collaborative statewide efforts to begin addressing some of the most urgent needs of Nebraska’s early childhood workforce. Many of these efforts were inspired or informed by the commission report, and several also involve the leadership or participation of commission members and the organizations they represent. In this document, the following updates are provided: • Highlights of selected collaborative early childhood initiatives from January 2020 to March 2021 that support the goals of the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission • A look ahead at what is yet to come in 2021 • An invitation to share your work and help us to shine the spotlight on collaborative efforts across the state that are helping elevate Nebraska’s early childhood workforce The work summarized here represents only a sample of the many efforts that are underway in communities across Nebraska to support the early childhood workforce. Future updates will include more stories about the work that commission members are involved in across the state.

VISION. Nebraska will elevate the early childhood workforce to a priority profession benefiting all children from birth through Grade 3. • Goal 1. Nebraska’s early childhood workforce will be highly qualified and will reflect the diversity of the children and families they serve. • Goal 2. Early care and education in Nebraska will be fully funded by 2030. • Goal 3. Nebraska will champion high-quality early care and education and the critical role of the workforce in young children’s learning and development. • Goal 4. Nebraskans will implement the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission’s recommendations to achieve a highly qualified and diverse workforce on behalf of all young children and their families.