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This report summarizes the collaborative work of the Panhandle Partnership, Inc., Educational Service Unit (ESU) 13, and the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska in documenting and assessing birth through Grade 3 programming in the Nebraska Panhandle. The report summarizes findings from 15 school-community conversations and includes data snapshots from local communities that provide information about the status of young children and the services and supports that exist to serve them and their families. Work in the Panhandle was undertaken on the basis of an agreement between the three organizations to work together to better understand and improve early learning and developmental outcomes for children. Efforts are ongoing and this report describes work to date in addressing two of the four strategies agreed upon to get work underway. Included in this report is a vision statement developed by representatives of the three organizations that indicates the aspirations and aims for young children, families, and communities in the Panhandle. Functioning as a set of guiding principles, the vision statement serves to focus efforts moving forward to develop a strategic plan for a sustainable, school-based early childhood initiative in the Panhandle.