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Roberts, A. M., Iruka, I. U., & Sarver, S. L. (2017). Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey: A focus on providers and teachers. Retrieved from Buffett Early Childhood Institute website: http://buffettinstitute.nebraska.edu/workforce-survey.


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The Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey was undertaken by the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska to better understand the current status, working conditions, and attitudes of caregivers and teachers working with children from birth through Grade 3. Representing the largest and most comprehensive survey ever completed of the state’s early childhood workforce, it provides important insight into the everyday challenges of the professionals who care for and educate our youngest citizens. Research has long made clear the important role adults play in young children’s lives. Children who form strong relationships with adults feel safe to explore their environments, which is essential to learning and development. The day-to-day interactions that occur between adults and young children advance children’s language, critical thinking, social-emotional development, and children’s success in school and life. Since nearly 80 percent of Nebraska children are enrolled in some type of early care and education during their early years, it is necessary to have a skilled, informed, and diverse workforce, across settings, to support children’s development.