Buros-Nebraska Series on Measurement and Testing


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Assessment of Teaching: Purposes, Practices, and Implications for the Profession, edited by James Y. Mitchell, Jr., Steven L. Wise, and Barbara S. Plake; Series Editor Jane Close Conoley (Hillsdale, New Jersey, Hove & London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990).


Copyright © 1990 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Digital Edition Copyright © 2012 Buros Center for Testing. This book may be downloaded, saved, and printed by an individual for their own use. No part of this book may be re-published, re-posted, or redistributed without written permission of the holder of copyright.


Buros-Nebraska Symposium on Measurement & Testing


Preface vii

1. Face Validity: Siren Song for Teacher-Testers 1
W. James Popham

2. Teacher Performance Assessments: A New Kind of Teacher Examination 15
Edward H. Haertel

3. Improving Teaching Through the Assessment Process 37
Donald M. Medley

4. Assessing the Quality of Teacher Assessment Tests 77
William A. Mehrens

5. Teacher Evaluation in the Organizational Context 137
Linda Darling-Hammond

6. Measuring Performance in Teacher Assessment 183
Richard J. Stiggins

7. Legal and Professional Issues in Teacher Certification Testing: A Psychometric Snark Hunt 209
George F. Madaus

8. Limitations of Using Student Achievement Data for Career Ladder Promotions and Merit Pay Decisions 261
Ronald A. Berk

9. Teaching Assessment: The Administrator's Perspective 307
John R. Hoyle

10. Appraisal: The Teacher's Perspective 329
Peg Shafer

11. The Assessment of Teacher Assessment: Concluding Thoughts and Some Lingering Questions 347
James V. Mitchell, Jr.

Author Index 377

Subject Index 385