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Licensure Testing: Purposes, Procedures, and Practices, ed. James C. Impara (Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1995).


Copyright © 1995 by Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Digital Edition copyright © 2012 Buros Center for Testing.


Licensure Testing: Purposes, Procedures, And Practices




SECTION ONE: Purposes and Policy Issues

1. What is Licensure?
Kara Schmitt

2. Legal and Professional Bases for Licensure Testing
William A. Mehrens

3. Policy Issues with Psychometric Implications
Michael Rosenfeld, Richard J. Tannenbaum, and Scott Wesley

SECTION TWO: Procedures

Overview of the Licensure Testing Process
James C. Impara

4. Practice Analysis: Building the Foundation for Validity
Joan Knapp and Lenora Knapp

5. Test Development: Systematic Item Writing and Test Construction
Anthony LaDuca, Steven Downing, and Thomas Henzel

6. Developing and Using Clinical Examinations
Jimmie Fortune and Ted Cromack

7. Basic Psychometric Issues in Licensure Testing
Howard W. Stoker and James C. Impara

8. Item Banking
Betty A. Bergstrom and Richard C. Gershon

9. Differential Item Functioning in Licensure Tests
Barbara S. Plake

10. Setting Cut Scores
Craig Mills

11. Equating
Judy Shea and John Norcini

SECTION THREE: Emerging Practices

12. Computerized Testing in Licensure
David Vale

13. Future Psychometric Practices in Licensure Testing
Steve Nettles

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