Buros-Nebraska Series on Measurement and Testing


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Licensure Testing: Purposes, Procedures, and Practices, ed. James C. Impara (Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1995).


Copyright © 1995 by Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Digital Edition copyright © 2012 Buros Center for Testing.


The impetus for this book and for my involvement in it are due principally to the efforts of three people: Jimmie Fortune, Howard Stoker, and Barbara Plake. Jimmie edited (and contributed to) an earlier book devoted to licensure testing (Fortune, J. C., & Associates, 1985, Understanding Testing in Occupational Licensing, Jossey Bass: San Francisco.). Shortly after that book was published he told me that he felt some important topics had not been included and that another book was needed. He encouraged me on several occasions to edit a new book that picked up where his left off and expand it to include some additional topics. I discussed Jimmie's suggestions with my friend and mentor, Howard Stoker and he, too, encouraged me to put the book-editing process in motion. He offered to be a contributor even though he was in the process of retiring (for the third time!). Finally, I moved to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements where I began to work with Barbara Plake and the wonderful people here. When I mentioned the possibility of editing a book on licensure testing, she encouraged me and was instrumental in finally pushing me over the edge. Jimmie, Howard, and Barbara all made excellent recommendations of possible chapter authors and each agreed to be a contributor. Without their support and encouragement this book would not have happened. If you find this book to be helpful, they deserve much of the credit. If this book is not what you thought it should be, then the blame is mine because I made the final decisions about content and structure.