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University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1975
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These modules were prepared by fifteen college physics professors for use in self-paced, mastery-oriented, student-tutored. calculus-based general physics courses. This style of teaching offers student's a personalized system of instruction (PSI), in which they increase their knowledge of physics and experience a positive learning environment. We hope our efforts in preparing these modules will enable you to try and enjoy teaching physics using PSI.

This is the second printing of the CBP modules. We have tried to remove all of the errors from this material. No doubt, we missed a few, please write to us and tell us any that you find.

In this printing we have added the review tests at the end of the material, just in front of Appendix A. We have also inserted several forms of additional mastery tests supplied to us by the University of Missouri-Rolla.

The personalized system of instruction (PSI) has been used in physics courses in a number of colleges and universities for several years. Studies have shown that in some cases the students in a PSI physics course learn physics better than students in a lecture course. In almost all cases, a majority of the students prefer the PSI course to the lecture course, yet they report working harder in the PSI course. Why is it that this system of instruction is not more widely used? At least one reason is the large effort required of the PSI instructor to develop the study modules for his course. We have written these modules to enable you to use PSI in your calculus-based physics course. With these modules we believe the effort required to use PSI will be greatly reduced. We hope you will give PSI a try.

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