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Ohm's Law


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From Study Modules for Calculus-Based General Physics
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Recently you have heard many ways of reducing energy consumption in the home. One of the suggested ways is to use 60-W liqht bulbs rather than 100-W bulbs; another is to cut back on the use of electrical appliances. You readily identify these suggestions with decreasing the amount of "electricity" beinq transported through the wires coming into your home.

You were warned quite early in life not to stick a metal knife into the toaster to force out burning bread; you either unplug the toaster or use a utensil with a wooden handle. Why? Because you were warned of the consequences of coming into electrical contact with the heatinq element -- consequences most of us have experienced at one time.

Several of the topics covered in this module, such as electrical current and the energy associated with it, are familiar to us all. When you have finished studying this module, you will be able to relate the material to many every-day experiences.

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