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College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, 16th Annual Report August 1, 2008-July 31, 2009 (2009).



Sixteenth Annual Report for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR). Reflects on the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students. Offers the opportunity to review the year, and serves as an archive of accomplishments for the College. Covers the period August 1, 2008 to July 31, 2009.

Seventy-three schools competed for recognition as innovators in undergraduate education; 16 were selected. UNL is the only one selected from among its peer group as well as the only one in the Big 12. UNL is one of five major research universities to be named ‘first tier’ for its innovative programs for students. The other universities are Duke University, the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. One of 16 universities in the U.S. that are designated both landgrant and AAU. UNL has been named the most popular (yield of applications) public university in the country by U.S. News and World Report in its on-line rankings. Ranked third among all Universities, private or public. The two private universities ranked ahead are Harvard and Brigham Young. Over the past decade, the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) scientists are among the most-cited agricultural scientists in the world. The ISE Essential Science Indicators Report, 1996-2006, indexes nearly 9,000 journals, tracking how often articles are cited by other authors. IANR is 17th in the world, 12th among universities worldwide, and 9th among American universities. UNL Extension leads the nation in 4-H participation of age-eligible youth. The College’s has exceptional partners in the land-grant mission. In IANR, the faculty and staff integrate teaching, research, and extension education.

New CASNR Mission Statement: Since the establishment of the University of Nebraska in 1869 and its commitment to the terms of the Land-Grant College Act calling for the instruction in agriculture and applied sciences, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) has provided opportunities for students to develop intellectually and meet the challenges of their era. CASNR fosters a student-centered learning environment where diverse basic and applied natural, life, earth and social sciences are integrated into the context of a global society and environmental stewardship. Our goal is to prepare students as leaders for a future in which demands on resources and food systems will challenge sustainability. The areas of study are broad and span animal, plant and human health and well-being, earth systems analysis, agricultural production and processing, global climate change, agricultural market structures, water resources, and land-use change. The College also has the responsibility for the coordination of all agricultural sciences and natural resources programs in higher education within the State of Nebraska.

During the past five years (2004-2008) CASNR undergraduate enrollment [includes UNO/CASNR, excludes CAS (BIOC) and CE (AGEN and BSEN) undergraduate students] has grown 34.4%. During the same period UNL undergraduate enrollment grew 8.1% and if the CASNR data is removed from the data set, UNL (excluding CASNR) grew 6.1%.

The vast majority of our students have a faculty adviser, some benefit from professional academic advisers complemented by faculty career mentors.

Our College has the highest retention rate (90% freshman to sophomore) at UNL.

We have 40 student organizations that enrich the undergraduate experience.

130 students participated in the Salute to Graduates ceremony on May 8 which was attended by over 600 parents and friends.

The Doctor of Plant Health was initiated, becoming the second professional program administered by the College.

The first UNL/CASNR class in the professional program in veterinary medicine completed its two-year curriculum and will continue at Iowa State University this fall.

The College launched the on-line degree completion program.

Fifty percent of CASNR students have college and/or departmental scholarships. During the 2008-09 academic year, the College awarded 943 scholarships to 830 students amounting to $943,173.00.

CASNR has a global campus with 74 students studying in 15 countries during the 2008-09 academic year and summer 2009.

Nearly 100 students participated in undergraduate research and another 164 reported that they had a formal internship.

We are the only College at UNL – and the only College among our peers – that has the “Ensuring Your Future” program which guarantees a job offer within the first six months after graduation for those students fulfilling the requirements.

Our College has one of the only satellite offices of Career Services dedicated to assisting CASNR students with finding internships and post-graduation employment. About 85% of our students find jobs in their fields or continue with their professional education.We routinely have one of the largest Career Fairs on campus with 517 students visiting with representatives from 67 employing organizations about internships and full time positions last fall.

We are now on Facebook ( and currently have 446 fans.

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