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May 2001


Published in American Economic Review 92:2 (May 2001), pp. 495-496. Copyright © 2001 American Economic Association. Used by permission.


A major event in 2000 was a Research Projects Conference that the Committee sponsored in May with funding From the Association. The 20 economists participating in the Conference were: Rajshree Agarwal, Sam Allgood, Robin Bartlett, William Becker, Betty Blecha, William Bosshardt, Myles Boylan, Joseph Daniel, T. Aldrich Finegan, W. Lee Hansen, Peter Kennedy, Mark Maier, Kim Marie McGoldrick, Michael Salerni (conference chair), John Siegfried, Wendy Stock, John Taylor, Wilbert van der Klaauw, William Walstad, and Michael Watts. Important research questions in economic education were discussed at the Conference, and teams of economists were organized to design new projects to answer those questions. Work is currently underway to obtain funding for five projects in economic education: (1) improving teaching methods; (2) conducting better assessments of student learning; (3) evaluating long-term effects; (4) using new technologies to enhance teaching and learning; and (5) reporting on Ph.D. education in economics in the United States.

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