Vivek C. Maheshwari
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Research Interests:

• Self-assembly of nanoscale materials for feasible large area quantum electronic devices
• Synthesis of nanoscale materials and composites
• Bio-electronic devices
• Electro-spun fibers as means of templating nanoscale components
• Biomimetic research to learn and augment natural processes for synthesis and organization of materials




High-Resolution Thin-Film Device to Sense Texture by Touch, Ravi F. Saraf and Vivek Maheshwari

Mineralization of Monodispersed CdS Nanoparticles on Polyelectrolyte Superstructure Forming an Electroluminescent “Necklace-of-Beads”, Ravi F. Saraf and Vivek Maheshwari

Robot with the human touch feels just like us- Times online UK- Edition, Ravi Saraf and Vivek Maheshwari