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Published in Vaccine 25 (2007) 4273–4282.


Recombinant botulinum Hc (rBoNT Hc) vaccines for serotypes C1 and D were produced in the yeast Pichia pastoris and used to determine protection against four distinct BoNT C and D toxin subtypes. Mice were vaccinated with rBoNT/C1 Hc, rBoNT/D Hc, or with a combination of both vaccines and challenged with BoNT C1, D, C/D, or D/C toxin. Mice receiving monovalent vaccinations were partially or completely protected against homologous toxin and not protected against heterologous toxin. Bivalent vaccine candidates completely survived challenges from all toxins except D/C toxin. These results indicate the recombinant C1 and D Hc vaccines are not only effective in a monovalent formula but offer complete protection against both parental and C/D mosaic toxin and partial protection against D/C mosaic toxin when delivered as a bivalent vaccine.