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Jody Isernhagen

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Kent Mann

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A DISSERTATION Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Doctor of Education, Major: Educational Administration (UNL-UNO), Under the Supervision of Professors Jody Isernhagen and Kent Mann. Lincoln, Nebraska: April, 2018 .

Copyright (c) 2018 William Robert Robinson, Jr.


The purpose of this study compared 7-12 student achievement scores in Nebraska School Districts which expend funds for one-to-one technology with 7-12 student achievement scores in Nebraska School Districts that do not expend funds for one-to-one technology. The study specifically examined Nebraska financial and achievement data from the following sources:

  • Technology and staff development costs from Nebraska State expenditure codes 1100-400 (regular instruction technology) and 1100-300 (regular instruction staff development/training).
  • Composite district achievement data from Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) data in the areas of Math, Reading, Science and Writing; Four year graduation rates and American College Testing (ACT) composite scores.

The study used a quantitative data collection system of public K-12 Nebraska school districts, which allowed the researcher to create an overview of one-to-one instructional technology expenditures effect on core achievement, as well as other key components that measure school success. The K-12 districts studied were public school districts within the state of Nebraska. Overall, the study provided valuable information for a variety of stakeholders in any school system which may be currently asking the question about the cost vs. outcomes of using learning technologies in their system. This type of information provides research to help justify decisions made in the strategic planning of budgets, specifically with implementation or continued support of one-to-one initiatives.

Advisors: Jody Isernhagen & Kent Mann