Department of Educational Administration


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Prof. Robert Rose, PhD

Second Advisor

Prof. Dr. Virginia De Paula

Third Advisor

Prof. Jerry Stehens, PhD

Date of this Version

Winter 2021


Kejawa, Iwasan D (2021) Raw and Pure Education in the Society, Independent Publication, CreateSpace Amazon Inc.


What does education mean to individuals in the world today? Education is a way one can attain or improve his or her ability to lead and survive in the society of ours. Without educational training of the mind, it may be impossible to realize the importance of adaptability of living in the environment. Without education, It may also be difficult to embellish the use of both the mental and physical attributes possessed by individual beings.

What really is education? Education is the training of the mind to perform desire functions or to perpetuate the modality of obtaining an end or result. Every daily activities of individual in the society are a form of education because one learns from his actions one way or the others.

The impropriety sanctions imposed by the society on education is to be viewed by educational establishments as the main reasons affecting lack of interest in adult education. It is perceived by the society at large that once one has attained success or obtained all the necessary rudiments of living, then it is less important to further educate the mind. The sanctions or believes that education is only for the incapable or non-successful individual is an incarnation or insults to education, especially adult education.

Society should view education as a way to improve knowledge. We should realize that knowledge comes from learning and learning comes from trying. Even though one has reached the highest peak of his life or career does not mean that one does not have to learn or educate the mind. Since education is perceived by the philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Darwin to be the usage of the

mind to obtain reality to solve problems, all institutions must be equipped with all the technologies to improve education at all levels.

We should all view education as the path to knowledge, empowerment, prosperity and success. Leaders evolved through education – leaders are made through education. For example, without education, either formal or informal, we may not be able to read, hold a good conversation or write well. Education is a vital commodity to the well being of individual in the society of ours. Education is one's umbrella of wealth, health, empowerment and success so to speak. We should view as an incarnation of empowerment and path to success in our world.