Department of Educational Administration


Date of this Version

Winter 3-15-2018


Prof. Dr. Iwasan D. Kejawa, (2018) Education Institutions Creation of Partnerships, International Journal of Education and Social Science Research, 1(3): pp 86 - 88


Published in the 2018 issue of International Journal of education and social science


This issue is embracing the creation of partnerships with establishments worldwide for the provisions of life embodiments to graduates. At moment, there may be lack of friendship or partnership with establishments to create incentives for newly graduates of so many colleges and universities (Hirsh & Weber, 1999). Partnership with external companies will surely bring enormous grants to the colleges and universities and it will also encourage friendly establishments to provide incentives and perks to colleges, universities and alumni. It may be concluded that the advantages of creating rapport with external congruences is the comraderies and also compromises that will be achieved because one never knows where one may find oneself. It is justified that life takes someone everywhere (Kejawa. 2011).