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Dr. Iwasan D. Kejawa, Ed. D. 2017. "Education Leadership Perspectives: Positive Ways", International Journal of Development Research, 7, (12), 17661-17664.


Published in December issue of the International Journal of Development Research


Are outdated traditional education, information technological infrastructure, problematic issues in providing quality leadership education in many of our instittutions today? With this into considerations, are these issues vital in order to stabilize the political and economic embroidery of our institutions or organizations, and its psychological and sociological awareness? What are really to be taught in our institutions to educate the present and the future leaders in the society? It is found that education may be the training of the mind to perform desire functions or to perpetuate the modality of obtaining an end or result. Actually, the accessibility of leadership education by learners may tend to be hindered by unavailability of enough technical, economical and motivational supports.