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Published in Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 56(3), 349–351.

DOI: /10.1080/19496591.2018.1545661


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Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education (2016) provided an overview of current issues and recommendations for practice related to student affairs and services across the globe. This book is a compendium of chapters, written from a diverse and globally experienced collection of authors, that not only explores a variety of concepts around internationalization in detail (i.e., global trends, cross-border cooperation, student mobility) but challenges paradigms that have shaped the field. The concepts and ideas in this text are timely and presented with a global mindset as well as provide an example of the fields ongoing commitment to continue the conversation of global education. This especially comes across in the books main themes that student affairs professionals must understand and promote the benefits of global education and internationalization, expand their own intercultural competence, learn how to engage in cross-border collaboration, and work to sustain powerful organizations that can help all students attain a high-quality higher education.