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Published in Journal of Diversity in Higher Education 14:2 (June 2021), pp 228–239.



Copyright © 2020 National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education; published by American Psychological Association. Used by permission.


This narrative inquiry study examined the ways Queer Men of Color in culturally based fraternities navigated issues of sexuality and gender expression in these organizations. Eight men from four different National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council fraternities shared their experiences through interviews and reflective journals. Using queer of color critique as a framework, findings showed how their sexuality substantially shaped their experiences in these culturally based organizations. In particular, participants communicated how their sexuality played a role in their motivations to join their fraternity. Additionally, once they became members, these eight Queer Men of Color explained how these organizations at times affirmed their sexuality, but also marginalized their sexual identities and policed their gender expression. Furthermore, participants discussed how they responded to these cultures. While some men conformed to hegemonic behaviors, others engaged in disidentificatory actions, enacting forms of resistance to oppressive norms. Implications for future research and practice are offered.