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Fall 2016


Hatch, D. K., Garcia, C. E., & Sáenz, V. B. (2016). Latino men in two-year public colleges: State-level enrollment changes and equity trends over the last decade. Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, 23(2), 73–92.


Copyright © Hatch, Garcia, & Sáenz. Published by Montezuma Publishing, San Diego State University.


Latino males continue to lag behind their peers in college enrollment and attainment, even as evidence suggests the 2-year public college sector in particular is making some strides to address this inequity. Yet there are few published figures of enrollment trends for Latino males in 2-year public colleges on a national or state-by-state basis to provide context that might informs local policy and practice. Using the most recent available data from IPEDS and the U.S. Census Bureau’s Community Population Survey, this study establishes trends over roughly the last decade in enrollment numbers and, through the use of equity indices, gains and losses in equitable representation in relation to relative local demographic changes. Results showed that while there has been overall national growth in Latino male enrollment and equity, the patterns varied widely by state, with some parts of the country and neighboring states experiencing relative successes and shortcomings in addressing inequities. Results provide a more nuanced picture of the status of Latino male participation in this sector with implications for policy, practice, and research.