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This action research was conducted over the course of a semester with 22 kindergarteners at a public school in Lincoln, Nebraska. The researcher set out to find how technology engaged students in learning using iPads. The students were given a questionnaire to determine prior interactions with technology such as tablets, smartphones, computers or laptops. Majority of students viewed these devices for entertainment and pleasure. After integrating the use of iPads in the classroom for whole group instruction, during guided reading for small group instruction, and during choice time, the students viewed the devices as a learning tool as well as for gaming. Students were motivated by the iPad's ability to offer choices that were appealing to student interests. The iPads engaged students by allowing them to be in charge of his or her own learning. The students learned problem-solving skills, built stamina and confidence working with the devices, and how to engage with technology to promote learning. Future work connected to this study includes integrating the use of iPads in mathematics and writing, and developing parent involvement.