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January 1996


This article was published in © Journal of American oil Chemists' society, Vol.73, no 7 939 - 941 (1996) © American Oil Chemists' Society. Published version of this article is available at publisher site:


Oxidation of monounsaturated iatty ac~dss,u ch as erucic and oleic acids, results in the for~nation of dibasic fatty acids, such as brassylic and azelaic acids. Dibasic acids find many inclustrial applications. Prlargon~ca cid is the co-product oi the process. Expanded use oi dibasic acids would require an expansion in the existing and possihiy new uses for pelargoriic acid and its derivatives. In this study, the potential for using pe!argonic acid in enhanced oil recovery is investigated. Experimental results are presented ior the enhanccd oil recover" by waterilooding with the aid oi a surfactan;. In sifu iormation of surfactant at the nil-water intejface vs, the formation oi surfactant in the floodwater prior to injection is examined.

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