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June 1994


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lnrcreasEd ervironmental awareness and depletion of resources are driving industry to develop aiternative fuels from renew ble resources that are environmentally more acceprable. Esters of fatty acids (biodiesel)-derived from the traiisesterification of vegetable oils, have properties 3imi:ar to cornponents of petrolium based dieselfuel. Cost has been a Cost has been major factor inslowing down the commercialization of biodiesel. In order to improve the eiuIlulliy ui Illis process two iactors wcrc invcarigated in this study: 1) use of beef tallow as raw mzlerial and 2) by-product utilization. Glycerol is the by-product of the esterlficatiun Drocesg In this work the feasibility of the glysorolisis of the vegetable iols with crude glycerol. from :the transriterificarion of vegetable oils and animal fair. in a continuous high shear mixing reactor has been studied. The preliminary invesgations indicates the potential for a higher yield oi monoglycerides at more rmoderate temperatuics than traditional processing. Transesterification of beef produces a mixture of esters which is more concetrated in the saturated fatty acids. Physical properties of these esters are similar to those esters of vegetable oils. Reaction results and propelties for esters of beef talloware presented.

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