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September 2002


This article was originally published in ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES 799, Oxygenates in Gasoline Environmental Aspects, © 2002 American Chemical Society. The American Chemical Society allows the posting of only the title, abstract, tables, and figures from articles appearing in the ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES.All the text and the figures appearing are copyrighted by © 2002 American Chemical Society.


Petroleum products leaking from under ground storage tanks have raised concerns regarding the quality of ground water resources, The concerns about the environmental behavior and rate of MTBE as an oxygenated additive prompted this iuvestigation to explore the technical characteristics of MTBE in comparison to ETBF. Evaluation of the existing literature suggests that ETBE has more favorable characteristics than MTBE. Findings in this research suggest that ETBE is a technically sound oxygenated octane enhancer, which can help refiners meet specificatios for cleaner burning gasoline.

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