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Stem Cell Reports, Vol. 11, 454–469, August 14, 2018


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Endothelial cells (ECs) are of great value for cell therapy, tissue engineering, and drug discovery. Obtaining high-quantity and -quality ECs remains very challenging. Here, we report a method for the scalable manufacturing of ECs from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). hPSCs are expanded and differentiated into ECs in a 3D thermoreversible PNIPAAm-PEG hydrogel. The hydrogel protects cells from hydrodynamic stresses in the culture vessel and prevents cells from excessive agglomeration, leading to high-culture efficiency including high-viability (>90%), high-purity (>80%), and high-volumetric yield (2.0 x 107 cells/mL). These ECs (i.e., 3D-ECs) had similar properties as ECs made using 2D culture systems (i.e., 2D-ECs). Genome-wide gene expression analysis showed that 3D-ECs had higher expression of genes related to vasculature development, extracellular matrix, and glycolysis, while 2D-ECs had higher expression of genes related to cell proliferation.