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Direct Measurement of Ion Accumulation at the Electrode Electrolyte Interface under an Oscillatory Electric Field

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This paper was originally published in the journal of "J. Phys. Chem. B" Volume 110 and issue No. 25, April 12, 2006. pages 12581 -12587 .All copyrights of this paper belongs to the American Chemical Society. The relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the website. American Chemical Society.


The ionic charge accumulation at the metal-electrolyte interface is directly measured by using differential interferometry as a function of magnitude and frequency (2-50 kHz) of extemal electric field. The technique developed probes the ion dynamics confined to the electrical double layer. The amplitude of modulation of the ions is linearly proportional to the amplitude of applied potential. The linearity is observed up to high electrode potentials and salt concentrations. The frequency response of the ion dynamics at the interface is interpreted in terms of the classical RC model.

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