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Date of this Version

January 2000


The inventor of this patent is Dr.Noureddini; Hossein (Lincoln, NE) and any relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following united states patents website. United States Patent No.6,015,440


Triglycerides are reacted in a liquid phase reaction with methanol and a homogeneous basic catalyst. The reaction yields a spatially separated two phase result with an upper located non-polar phase consisting principally of non-polar methyl esters and a lower located phase consisting principally of glycerol and residual methyl esters. The glycerol phase is passed through a strong cationic ion exchanger to remove anions, resulting in a neutral product which is flashed to remove methanol and which is reacted with isobutylene in the presence of a strong acid catalyst to produce glycerol ethers. The glycerol ethers are then added back to the upper located methyl ethyl ester phase to provide an improved biodiesel fuel.