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The inventors of this patent are :Brusic; Vista A. (Geneva, IL), Darekar; Vijay S. (Temple, TX), Gaynes; Michael A. (Vestal, NY), Saraf; Ravi F. (Lincoln, NE). Any other relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of united states patent no.5,960,251.


Copper-containing surfaces of substrates such as laminated electronic circuit boards are protected by organometallic coatings comprising organic compounds selected from the group consisting of benzimidazoles, alkylimidazoles, benzotriazozles and alkyltriazoles, substituted or unsubstituted, and metal particles of solder-wettable metals or metal solders. The metal particles can be thermally formed in situ from metallic compounds such as noble metal acetates, acetylacetonates and carbonates.