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the inventors of this patent are :Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Liao; Yun-Hsin (Tarrytown, NY), Saraf; Ravi F. (Lincoln, NE). Any other relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of united states patent no 5,969,024 .


Methods of forming materials containing precursors to electrically conductive polymers and electrically conductive polymers are described which have a high degree of crystallinity. The high degree of crystallinity is achieved by preparing the materials under conditions which provide a high degree of mobility to the polymer molecules permitting them to associate with one another to form a crystalline state. High levels of electrical conductivity are achieved in in the electrically conductive materials without stretch orienting the material. The enhanced electrical conductivity is isotropic as compared to a stretch oriented film which has isotropic electrical conductivity. In the preferred embodiment, additives are added to a solution containing a solvent and the precursor or electrically conductive polymer. The additives are preferably plasticizer of diluents. As the solvent is removed the material dries and contains a higher degree of crystallinity than in the absence of the additive.