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The inventors of this patent are :Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Brusic; Vlasta A. (Amawalk, NY), Graham; Teresita Ordonez (Irvington, NY), Purushothaman; Sampath (Yorktown Heights, NY), Saraf; Ravi F. (Lincoln, NE), Shaw; Jane Margaret (Ridgefield, CT), Roldan; Judith Marie (Ossining, NY), Viehbeck; Alfred (Fishkill, NY) Any other relevant information regarding this patent can be obtained from the following link of United States Patent no.5,997,773.


Electrostatic discharge protection or electromagnetic interference shielding is provided by applying a composition comprising a thermoset or thermoplastic polymeric matrix, and a conductive filler component, where said filler component comprises electrically conductive particles and at least one conducting polymer to a dielectric substrate.