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The inventors of this patent are :Booth; Richard B. (Williamson County, TX), Gaynes; Michael A. (Broome County, NY), Murcko; Robert M. (Broome County, NY), Puligandla; Viswanadham (Travis County, TX), Roldan; Judith M. (Westchester County, NY), Saraf; Ravi (Lincoln, NE), Zalesinski; Jerzy M. (Crittenden County, VT) . And any other relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of"united states patent" united states patent no.5,747,101


A simple process for card assembly by Direct Chip Attachment (DCA) uses electrically conductive adhesives. Two methods create the same intermediate wafer product with a layer of insulative thermoplastic and conductive thermoplastic bumps. After sawing or dicing the wafer to form the chips, the chips are adhered to chip carriers with conductive pads which match the conductive thermoplastic bumps, using heat and pressure. Chips may be easily removed and replaced using heat.