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The Inventors of this patent are Michael John Brady, Brewster; Dah-Weih Duan, Yorktown Heights, both of NY (US); Ravi F. Saraf, West Blacksburg, VA (US); Judith M. Rubino, Ossining, NY (US) The relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the website.United States Patent No.6,259,408 B1


A radio frequency transponder is provided which comprises a substrate layer, a radio frequency integrated circuit affixed to said substrate layer; and an antenna provided on said substrate layer in electrical connection with said radio frequency integrated circuit. The antenna is comprised of a conductive paste material having a resistivity of approximately 20 µΩ-cm, which is greater than the resistivity of a conventional etched copper antenna, but still sufficiently low to provide a radio frequency transponder having acceptable read range. The substrate layer further comprises a flexible organic material. The radio frequency integrated circuit is disposed in a flip-chip configuration facing downward toward said substrate layer, with electrical contacts aligned with the antenna.