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The Inventors of this patent are Velander, William H.; (Blacksburg, VA) ; Lord, Susan T.; (Chapel Hill, NC) ; Drohan, William N.; (Springfield, VA) ; Lubon, Henryk; (Rockville, MD) ; Johnson, John L.; (Blacksburg, VA) ; Russell, Christopher G.; (Hartselle, AL) The relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the website. United States Patent No.20060174357


A transgenic, non-human mammalian animal is capable of expressing a heterologous gene for human or other recombinant physiologically functional fibrinogen holoprotein or individual subunit chain polypeptides thereof or a modified or fusion fibrinogen in mammary glands of the animals and secreting the expressed product into a body fluid. Methodology employing such a mammal yields recombinant physiologically functional fibrinogens, subunit chain polypeptides thereof, and modified or fusion fibrinogens.