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Lead Free Conductive Composites for Electrical Interconnections

Date of this Version

March 2001


Inventors: Ravi F. Saraf, Briarcliff Manor; Judith Marie Roldan, Ossining; Michael Anthony Gaynes, Vestal, all of NY (US); Richard Benton Booth, Pfugerville, TX (US); Steven Paul Ostrander, Scotia, NY (US); Emanuel I. Cooper, Riverdale, NY (US); Carlos J. Sambucetti, Croton-on-Hudson, NY (US)


An electrically conductive paste which includes a thermoplastic polymer, a conductive metal powder and an organic solvent system is disclosed. The invention further encompasses an electrically conductive composite which includes the aforementioned thermoplastic and metal, wherein the metal represents at least about 30% by volume, based on the total volume of the composite. The composite is formed from the paste under elevated temperature. The paste is employed in processes which involve electrically connecting electrical and electronic components under process conditions which convert the paste to the composite.

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