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Electrode Modification Using an Unzippable Polymer Paste

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INVENTORS:John Michael Cotte, New Fairfield, CT (US); Judith Marie Roldan, Ossining, NY (US); Carlos Juan Sambucetti, Croton-on-Hudson, NY (US); Ravi F. Saraf, Briarcliff Manor, NY (US)


A paste is described for capping electrodes with an oxide free metal layer incorporating a solvent, an unzippable polymer and particles. The electrode could be an interconnect such as a C4 bump. A method for forming a coating and for testing integrated circuit chips is also described. The invention overcomes the problem of interconnecting Pb containing electrodes that are covered with an insulating oxide on integrated circuit chips by coating the Pb containing electrode with Au to provide an oxide free surface for testing and interconnection.

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