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January 1962


Published in J. Bacteriol. 83:1140- 1146. Copyright 1962. Used by permission.


DOWNEY, RONALD J. (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), CARL E. GEORGI, AND WALTER E. MILITZER. Electron transport particles from Bacillus stearothermophilus. J. Bacteriol. 83:1140- 1146. 1962-Electron-transport particles (ETP) have been isolated from Bacillus stearothermophilus. They are capable of oxidizing such substrates as succinate, malate, diphosphopyridine nucleotide, p-phenylenediamine, and hydroquinone. Difference spectra indicated bands of cytochromes a3, b, and c. A chromatographic procedure for purification of cytochrome c has been described.

The role of quinonelike intermediates in the ETP was implied by the restorative effect of coenzyme Q and vitamin K1 on material treated with lipid solvent. Isolation and identification of coenzyme Q from the thermophile indicated it was similar to coenzyme Q10 of mammalian sources.

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