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United States Patent Office, Patent Number: 5,310,464


An electrolytic method for providing bone-emulating, phosphate coatings on prosthetic appliances. Such coatings serve to enhance bone fixation after implantation of the appliances. The method of the invention is an electrolysis process wherein the appliance to be coated is immersed in a phosphate-containing electrolyte to serve as the cathode of the electrolysis process. When current is applied to the electrolysis cell, the electrolyte solution, which includes calcium ions and dihydrogen phosphate ions, is caused to rapidly increase in (localized) pH proximate the cathode element. The localized pH increase creates a supersaturated local condition causing less soluble calcium phosphate salts to crystallize out of the electrolyte solution and adhere to the cathode, thus effecting thereon a coating of brushite.
United States Patent Office, Patent Number: 5,310,464

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