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Courtesy Cherry County (Nebraska) Extension Office


Educational program of extension work was supported entirely from County Tax funds. The Budget for the coming year was raised to $3,475 from last years budget of $2975. This was very much appreciated, as it will allow a more complete extension service program. This is $25.00 under the $3500 calling allowed by the new bill L. B. 405

The annual meeting was attended by 164 people. The program which was held in the new 4-H building and at the experimental Station, consisted of a business session, four talks on current livestock problems, and a morning and afternoon session of witnessing feeding trials at the Valentine Experimental Sub-Station. Three new members were elected to the board for three year terms; this taking the place of three, one year members.

Eleven project clubs, study clubs, with a membership of 185. One new club organized this year, with a membership of 28. Only one training center.

There were Twenty active 4-H clubs with 232 members, who were enrolled and 213 completed. Almost two-thirds were livestock club members. Three 4-H club Achievement Days were held and one county 4-H Achievement Day, which was held prior to the County Fair was a great success. Special events in the years 4-H program were judging and demonstration days, six livestock judging contest, two 4-H leaders training meetings, five achievement programs, many 4-H parties, county 4-H picnic, three 4-H camps, county and State Fair, Ak-Sar-Ben and Sioux City, and Denver Livestock Show. The years highlight was when a 4-H demonstration team attended and won first at the Chicago Livestock International Exposition.

P. F. L., this year consisted of a Farmstead Improvement Program and working with various livestock and conservation cooperators. Four entries were made in the district Farmstead Improvement Program.

six demonstrations were conducted on Control of Cattle Grubs. Four Fly control demonstrations. Seven stock growers assisted in obtaining spray outfits. It is estimated that over a hundred thousand cattle were treated for livestock pests during the year.

63 Farmers were assisted in obtaining improved varieties of seed; osage and clinton. Oats and good seed corn were among the seed obtained.

Results of wintering test with protein, urea and mineral supplements, showed that the protein could be stretched out by seeding smaller quantities with liberal amounts. The urea test proved to be quite interesting, although, recommendations for its can not be made. These feeding trial resuts were publicized at various meetings and in the press. No quality cream meeting was held this year. However, assistance was given in the selection of better dairy stock, and the production of quality products was emphasized.

Since there is not a veterinarian in the county, the agent is often asked for information and sometimes can aid with stock growers sick animals. blood samples, preventative control, good management, and administrating intravenous injections are the extent of the service.

4-H club work increased the number of clubs from eighteen to twenty clubs, while the membership remained about the same as last year.

There are 155 cooperators in the wind break project planting 152,050 trees. Had the supply of red cedars not been exhausted, more orders would have been placed. The majority of the trees planted are in the east one-third of the county. Three demonstrations were conducted using the mechanical tree planter. Thirty persons used the tree planter.

R. E. A. projects were very successful this year. 430 persons completed the sign up in the Cherry-Todd County R. E. A. districts with 341 miles of high line. The engineer completed his survey. The loan was approved. The main obstruction now is the source of power. The future is much brighter.

Interest in a soil conservation district was increased to quite a satisfactory pitch. The vote for a district of all land in Cherry Count, with the Exception of township 28 south, and range 31 west, was carried. The board of supervisors was elected and a conservationest has been quite a full program under way.

Farm labor needs were quite well met this year, without recruiting laborers from other parts of the country, etc. During the peak season, haying help was short, good help was scarce and still is. Help was also short three of the months during the year.

The home extension club lesson on color, created more interest in home improvement than other lessons. Kitchen improvement was a close second. There was a large improvement in 41 kitchens.

Ranch homes received more attention this year in the beautification of their yards and homes.

One 4-H club with 10 members completed 100%, while many plans are being made and some executed as to year beautification. The agent helped plan or suggested changes in many yards during the year. Many changes were made, probably due to more available help, more available money and more time for yard beautification and development.

One freezer local demonstration was held with a commercial company with 25 persons attending. This helped increase demand for service. Local systems have a long waiting list. A canning demonstration and nutrition talk also helped to improve the quantity and quality of meals--time of preparation in a great many homes.

An annual flock owners meeting was held, emphasizing the control of disease and good management. Assistance was given the local hatchery in pullorum flock testing.

Project clubs gave the Blue Cross drive assistance. These same clubs assisted with the polio drive in the county.

Eighty-one operators are using extension service Income Tax Record Books, and two Farm Account Books were taken out for use in the ranch.

Rural organization and community live was developed through 4-H club work and Home Extension club work. Three home extension clubs gave definite assistance to three community through efforts in improving and remodeling buildings for community centers. The organization of a county 4-H committee, also assisted the recreational life. A county rural youth group was organized and at this time there are 30 active members. This was the biggest step toward the improvement in rural recreation and community life.

The electrical equipment show was the most outstanding meeting ever held, as 350 persons attended. This was the most outstanding feature for the extension service this year.

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