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April 15, 2010 in The China Beat


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1. Evan Osnos has a “Letter from China” at his New Yorker blog that addresses the earthquake as “a test of openness,” as rumors spread throughout the country worry that the government is hiding predictions of another quake that will supposedly hit Beijing and Tianjin in the coming weeks. Osnos also links to this page at the Huffington Post, which lists organizations accepting donations to aid in earthquake relief.

2. China Digital Times has centralized its news about the earthquake at this page.

3. Danwei’s “Front Page of the Day” looks at how various Chinese newspapers covered the earthquake.

4. Malcolm Moore of The Guardian is tweeting from Qinghai, as is Al-Jazeera’sMelissa Chan.

5. John Kennedy at Global Voices Online has a thorough look at how both the Chinese media and netizens are responding to the earthquake.