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June 7, 2010 in The China Beat


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1. One of my Chinese classmates mentioned that what really mattered for Chinese visitors were the big exhibitions: Japan, China, Europe, and the US. While still interested in the big exhibits, most Westerners were also astounded by the fact that North Korea and Iran were among the countries with pavilions at the Expo. The pavilions, although far from spectacular, showed a side of the “rogue” nations that is impossible to see in Western media, which often focuses on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and anti-US sentiment. The North Korean Pavilion showed video clips of the Mass Games and random shots of people working in factories and walking through a college campus. You could even buy North Korean stamps and memorabilia. On a light note, one of my friends bought an Expo passport (a small booklet where you get stamps verifying that you did, indeed, go to certain exhibits). She was denied a stamp at the South Korean Pavilion because of her previous visit to the North Korean exhibit.