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Daniel Linzell

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Spring 2017 Research Fair, Graduate Student Poster Session, April 5, 2017.


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The damage caused by a vehicle collision on a pier column can be catastrophic for the functionality of a bridge, even a total collapse of the bridge. ❖ A vehicle collision and a subsequent vehicle blast cause more damages on the bridge. ❖ Limited researches have been conducted to investigate the behavior of the bridge subjected to the combined effect of vehicle collision and blast. ❖ It is necessary to analyze the responses of the bridge under the vehicle collision and blast and provide some design suggestions to strengthen the bridge.

Conclusions ❖ The finite element models including column, pile cap, piles, and soil are feasible and accurate to simulate the responses of bridge columns subjected to vehicle collision. ❖ The shear failure plane with 45 degree was initiated at the location of impacting and then propagated through the whole column. The maximum shear occurred at the point of impact. ❖ The maximum moment of the bridge column increases with the increase in the column diameter, and the increase in the deflection along the column height is also caused by the increase in the column diameter.