Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Joshua Steelman

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Poster presented at Spring Research Fair, April 4-5, 2017, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Why to upgrade traditional systems?

The FEMA P-58-1 listed some of the limitations in present-generation procedures:

Questions regarding the accuracy and reliability of available analytical procedures in predicting actual building response.

“High” level of conservatism underlying the acceptance criteria.

Inability to reliably and economically apply performance-based procedures to the design of new buildings; and Lack of alternative ways of communicating performance to stakeholders that is more meaningful and useful for decision making purposes.

Performance based design (PBD) emerges as the methodology aiming to bridge this gap, raising the design level performance from life safety (traditional systems) to keep structures fully functional after strong EQ.

Hyperelastic Fuses: What is a traditional Structural Fuse?

Structural element where inelastic deformation (damage) is intentionally concentrated. Preferably, disposable and easy to repair structural element. Remain elastic when subjected to considerably large deformations