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Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Chemistry Volume 2015, Article ID 369102, 2 pages


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Water scarcity is being recognized as a present and future threat to human activity, and, as a consequence, water purification technologies are gaining major worldwide attention. Advanced materials have many properties, such as strong adsorption, enhanced redox, and photocatalytic properties, providing unprecedented opportunities to treat surface water, groundwater, and industrial wastewater that are contaminated with toxic metals, organic and inorganic compounds, bacteria, and viruses. Currently, tremendous progress has been made in development of advanced materials for their environmental applications, and knowledge has been accumulated of the effects of these advanced materials on and their applications in the environment security, recycling, and reuse of raw materials and treatment agents, economic benefits, and potential problems to our society.This special issue aims to provide an up-to-date account of advancement in these areas as well as insights gained through field experience.