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Studying the behavior of particle/fiber embedded composites has been a common and challenging problem in mechanics of materials area. Analysis of these materials can be effectively conducted by computational simulations such as finite element (FE) analyses. Creating a model that represents the actual microstructure of the composite is crucial to obtain a trustable result, but is often laborintensive. Microstructure Inelastic Damage Analysis Software (MIDAS) Virtual Tester Preprocessor (MIDAS-VT-Pre) was developed to facilitate construction of two-dimensional microstructure FE models of particle/fiber embedded composites. MIDAS-VT-Pre is able to insert automatically cohesive zone interface elements in the mesh structure in order to simulate crack initiation and propagation. This program is tailored to generate the FE model of standard mechanical test configurations that are frequently used in laboratory settings. The output of this program includes mesh structure and boundary conditions. This information can be used to run FE simulation (i.e. virtual testing) using common FE software such as ABAQUS.