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Data in Brief 44 (2022) 108532.


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A number of large-scale tests of a grillage system are summarized and reduced data are provided. The tests were completed in association with a Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) project for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) whose goal was to better quantify behavior and limit states of steel bridge floor systems to refine longitudinal member (stringer) load- rating calculations. A number of tests focused on the behavior of the stringers resting on transverse members (a floorbeam), a system akin to a grillage. The system was proportioned with the expectation that stringer lateral-torsional buckling, a key steel bridge beam design and load-rating limit state, would occur. The provided dataset includes specimen descriptions and output from 58 tests. Investigated parameters included: stringer unbraced lengths; bracing types (i.e., bolted steel diaphragms versus clamped timber struts); load locations; and support conditions. Sample tests are described and reduced results summarized and presented.